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We have a wide variety of music with thousands of songs!

You can provide music and make as many specific requests as you wish before the event using our music planner.



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Our DJs come prepared with the finest professional sound equipment (Bose®, JBL®, Yamaha®, Denon®). Nothing beats the sound of the BOSE. We provide the state of the art BOSE L1's Model II Tower Speakers with the BOSE B1 BASE, controlled with the TI Tone match audio engine. The audio sound system includes a Mackie mixer controlling a second set of BOSES's Model 11 and B1 Base. Depending on the venue, additional speakers can be added bringing music into more than one room. Every system is backed up by Numark & Gemini CD players for some piece of mind.

Microphones include wireless headsets, corded and of course  cordless microphones to better interact with your guests.


Our computers are custom built with all Intel Components, with voltage and temperature sensors. They are programmed and designed for DJ's by DJ's controlled with a DAC 3 System, and with external sound cards for the highest quality sound . All Laptops are  dedicated to DJing only making them very reliable. With the versatility of this system, we can power large, medium or small events.

Not only are our DJ's professional sound masters, but also professional dance instructors with years of experience in the entertainment world. We can help plan your event, provide dance instructions or just lead the crowd into the latest dance craze.

Planning your wedding? Let us help you get ready for this very important first dance as well as the father/daughter and mother/son dance. When planning your event ask for a tour of our studio which can accomodate your whole wedding partie for an exciting dance class prior to your big event.

What sets us apart
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